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When a spouse, parent, or child becomes ill everyone in the family has an experience of that illness. Sometimes the illness becomes like another member of the family, needing time for doctor’s appointments, affecting communication between members, and changing family roles and meaningful rituals. An illness can bring couples and families closer, or can bring more conflict. A child or parent fighting cancer with its treatments and side effects can be overwhelming, and the diagnosis can become their identity. Managing pain without becoming dependent on narcotics is a desired goal. The birth of a premature infant can be stressful and a ‘roller coaster’ of emotions. A disease can intrude on an individual’s self-image, and sexuality, and a couple’s intimacy and sex life. Your mind is connected to your body. There is no physical condition without psychosocial and emotional components and no mental or emotional condition without biological responses.

- You are not your diagnosis

- You are not a victim, as the word ‘victim’ implies a sense of powerlessness

- You have the skills you need to heal, and I’ll help you discover resources you already have, but may have forgotten

- Illness is the patient’s experience of his/her diagnosis. Disease is an uninvited guest that can intrude on life and realtionships

- Healing can occur at many levels, and the healing power of your mind, body, and spirit can be profound. I have witnessed it.


B.A., Adelphi University

M.A., C.W. Post

Ph.D., Texas Woman’s University

Areas of study


Medical Biology/Nutritional Science

Family Therapy


Therapeutic Touch


My clients usually experience more energy and minimal side effects as they undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatments [to the surprise of their doctors]. I will help you manage your pain, even pain after surgery, with minimal medication. I collaborate with other healthcare providers as needed to achieve optimal care.


Relationships of patients and their families are affected by the process of the disease and its course of treatment. Couples and families need emotional care as well. Families are there from the beginning of illness, its evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and are the caregivers.


My work with clients is an honor and privilege which I hold sacred.



There is much research that hypnosis works. Hypnosis is a state of focused attention. Recent research supports the view that hypnotic communication and suggestions effectively bring about physiological and neurological changes.

  1. Depression
  2. Gastro-intestinal disorders
  3. Pain Management
  4. Pre/post surgery,
  5. More
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Therapeutic Touch is a healing modality created and developed by nurse researcher, Dr. Dolores Kreiger and a healer, Dora Kunz. Kreiger believed that Therapeutic Touch, using your hands to help or heal, is a natural potential in man. It can facilitate healing, and promote general relaxation and balance.

  1. Centering
  2. Assessment
  3. Treatment
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